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Hewitt's is a family owned and operated farm, located just west of Orillia in Warminster, Ontario. Ron & Linda Hewitt began farming and selling sweet corn in 1976, and moved to our current location in 1979. The main farm is owned/operated by my older brother Trevor and his wife Margie. The business involves all five Hewitt family members (Ron, Linda, and their three son's Trevor, Adam, and Curtis). The business has expanded over the years to now include a full scale Farm Market & Bakery, a Fun Farm entertainment zone,  over a dozen seasonal Roadside Produce Markets, and a Produce Home Delivery Service. 

 Local. Fresh. Sincere.

You'll find these qualities in everything we deliver from Hewitt's


The benefits of eating locally is probably what drew you to Hewitt's to begin with. We have been known as the best place to get local high quality produce and baked goods for 40 years, and that dedication to excellence will continue with everything we do. We bring the farmers market to you by providing the best quality local products available in a friendly, and very convenient delivery service!


Our standards for quality and freshness are through the roof. We demand that everything we deliver is up to the standards you know us for, and we stand 100% behind everything we sell.  If this means that we are occasionally out of a certain item, so be it. We won't compromise quality for the sake of profits.


Everyone involved in Hewitt's—from our suppliers to our packers, pickers, bakers, drivers, and the Hewitt Family especially —are 100% committed to providing the best farm market experience possible for our customers. We do our homework about each and every product so you don't have to. If you ever have a problem, we will bend over backwards to make it right.



Hewitt's Farm Market and Bakery, proudly owned & operated by Trevor and Curtis Hewitt, was built on the farm in 2010. With the ever increasing demands for Hewitt’s Sweet Corn, Trevor and Curtis  decided to open the farm market and bakery (located on the family farm). This allowed for a retail store to satisfy the customers, and at the same time allowed the bakery to leave the family home and expand to include delicious new baked goods, meal entrees, jams, preserves, and much more!

The Farm Market & Bakery is located at 3331 Town Line, near Warminster which is 8 minutes drive from Orillia. It is open year round, except for the first two weeks in January.

Phone: 705-305-9464

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We are Muskoka's best choice for fresh high quality fruits and vegetables. We are committed to providing the most local and freshest Ontario fruits and vegetables available!  

We specialize in Sweet Corn (grown on our farm), Wild Blueberries (both fresh and frozen), Strawberries, and Homemade Baking!  

Hewitt's of Muskoka Produce Market is operated by Adam Hewitt, and has been serving the Muskoka community since 1997. 

Phone: 705-305-9464

Email: hewittsofmuskoka@gmail.com

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